On-Line Bill Payment information



       Q:  What type of payment methods are accepted?

Online payments may be made using checking account information (Electric Funds Transfer), credit or debit cards.  Available payment options vary among services and our online payment partners.  Clicking the payment of choice will display the available options and any associated service fees.

Q:  Are there service fees involved for paying online?

If paying by credit/debit card, a service fee will be assessed and is detailed on the link to UniPay’s website.  If you pay using a checking account, the service is free.

Q:  Is my checking or credit card account information secure?

          Yes, your transaction is secure.  When you click the online payment, you are redirected from the DWWD website to UniBank secure bank site with the lock symbol.  Your payment information is protected with state-of-the-industry encryption methods.  In addition, account information is not kept after the payment has been processed.

Q:  Where do I find the routing number for my checking account?

          The 9-digit routing number is located on the bottom-left hand portion of your checks. Do not use a deposit slip to verify the number because it may contain your Financial Institution’s internal routing numbers.  Your checking account number is located to the right of the routing number.

Q:  How do I know my payment was made?

After completing the payment process, a Confirmation Page with a corresponding Confirmation Number may be displayed.  You are encouraged to print this page for your records.

Q:  Why didn’t I receive a Confirmation Number?

If you do not receive a Confirmation Number after processing your transaction, you may have been trying to use an unacceptable form of payment, you were using an unsupported browser or your transaction was not accepted for a different reason.  Please check to ensure that your payment type is accepted.

Q:  How will I know if my payment is received before the bill due date?

          Your bill payment should be made prior to the date the bill is due.

Q:  Will I still receive a bill by mail?

          Yes, the Dedham-Westwood Water District will continue to send a paper bill via mail.  This service simply provides a convenient, efficient, and user-friendly way to pay your bill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plans are underway to offer electronic bill presentment as an option.

Q:  What is the cutoff time for entering payments?

          The cutoff for any Bill Payment Date is midnight EST.

Q:  To whom should I report difficulty or trouble making an online payment?

          If you have any questions or problems, please contact the DWWD Customer Service Department at (781)329-7090

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