Find answers to the most common problems regarding the Dedham-Westwood Water District. If you have trouble finding an answer to your question, or you have a more detailed inquiry, feel free to contact us.



Estimated Bill

Call in a meter reading, make an appointment to schedule a reading or have a remote reader installed.



Discolored Water

Occasionally a disturbance in the mains may cause discolored water.  Run your cold water for several minutes until the water clears.  If the problem continues, contact us.



Leak in your House

Shut off the water at your inside valve, usually located near the meter.  If the valve does not operate, contact us to have the water shut off at the curb box.



Low Pressure

If the pressure is low throughout your home or business, contact us.  If it is low only in certain areas, call a plumber.



Vacant House

If your home of building will be vacant for an extended period of time and is not dependent on water for the heating system, you may contact us to temporarily discontinue service.  (Please remember that if you do not intend to heat your home in your absence, you must have a plumber winterize the property.)



Water Bubbling Up

Contact us.  If the break is on your service line, we will shut off your water so that your plumber can make repairs.  If the break is on the District’s equipment, we appreciate knowing this so repairs can be made as soon as possible.


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