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Our Team

Our Team

Kathleen Casey

Customer Service Representative
☏ 781-461-2773

Paula Coe

Customer Service Representative
☏ 781-461-2788

Heidi Rougeau

Customer Service Representative
☏ 781-468-7161

Kathleen, Paula, and Heidi are responsible for the daily operational functions of the Customer Service Department.
Their duties include billing and collections, preparation of daily customer payments, scheduling service appointments, processing final water readings, and answering all customer inquiries.

Stephanie Costa

Customer Service Superintendent
Stephanie supervises all aspects of customer service including billing, meter reading, and meter replacements. She is also responsible for inspections of backflow prevention and cross connection devices in the system.

☏ 781-461-2778

Allyssa Jewell

Communications Coordinator
Allyssa develops, manages, and executes communication strategies for the District. She creates content for the website, the District's social media channels, and external outreach opportunities. In addition, she also assists Customer Service and Distribution with their day-to-day operational needs.

☏ 781-461-2778


Distribution Superintendent
The Distribution Superintendent is responsible for managing the installation and repair of water mains and services, valves, and hydrants and investigating and repairing system leaks. ☏ 781-486-1588

Stephen Locke

Operations Manager
Steve is responsible for overseeing daily operations, short-term and long-range infrastructure planning, customer service, safety, and training. In addition, he ensures that plant and infrastructure meet operational performance expectations.

☏ 781-461-2779

Rick Mosca

Production Superintendent
Rick oversees the operation and maintenance of the treatment plants, booster stations, and standpipes to ensure the delivery of high-quality water to our customers.

☏ 781-461-2783

Tabitha Maccalous

Water Quality Supervisor
Tabitha is responsible for the water quality and the treatment process pertaining to the Bridge Street and White Lodge Water Treatment Plants.

☏ 781-329-7090 + Ext. 1787

Blake Lukis

Executive Director
Blake directs the District's overall operation through the operations manager and business manager. He is also responsible for formulating policy changes and working with state regulatory agencies, town boards, advisory committees, consultants, and professional associations.

☏ 781-461-2776 

Bob Marsh

Business Manager
Bob directs all financial, accounting, and business activities for the District including customer billing, payables and receivables as well as the annual audit.

☏ 781-461-2777

Elissa Cohen

Accounting Supervisor
Elissa is responsible for month-end closings, year-end audits, and all general ledger activities. She also supervises accounts payable and payroll.

☏ 781-461-2780

Shanyn Dunn

Payroll and Accounts Payable Administrator
Shanyn is responsible for processing the District's payroll and all accounts payable activities.

☏ 781-461-2775

Pauline Donoghue

Pauline manages the District’s financial business including investments, bond issues, and monthly warrants for paying bills.

☏ 781-461-2781

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