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Water Conservation Rebate Program

The Dedham-Westwood Water District is committed to encouraging customers to conserve water. To help achieve that goal, the following items are available to our customers at no charge. Just stop by our office at 50 Elm St(when it reopens to the public) to pick up:

  • Low flow shower-head and faucet aerators

  • Rain sensors for automatic lawn sprinkler systems

  • Leak detection tablets (used to see if your toilet has a silent leak). Food coloring also works just as well. Put a few drops in the toilet tank-not the bowl. Wait 15 minutes without flushing toilet. If the dye color is visible in the bowl, there is a leak. Usually the culprit is the flapper which periodically needs replacement or the overflow pipe.


Applications along with required receipts may be mailed to DWWD at 50 Elm St Dedham MA 02026 OR emailed to blukis@dwwd.org or dropped off in the payment drop box at the 50 Elm Street office.


Yes. The District will grant one washing machine rebate per RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER ACCOUNT once every SEVEN years.

The washing machine must be either a front loading model or a top loading model with a Water Factor of 4 or less. The Water Factor is an indicator of how effectively a particular machine uses water. The number is determined by testing and the EPA publishes the Water Factors for all machines on the EnergyStar Website.

A copy of the store receipt and packing slip must be attached to the application. The make and model of the washing machine must be identified. The receipt must not be more than six months old when submitted to the DWWD or will be ineligible for rebate.

The DWWD customer will receive a check for the rebated amount. Please note that rebates will not be granted to customers whose water bills are in arrears or require a water meter changeout. Please be patient for the rebate check as we wait until several applications have been received before processing.

The Water District will offer rebates of  $75 for High Efficiency Toilets using 1.28 gallons per flush or less or for a dual flush model. These toilets also carry the WATERSENSE label. The District will grant up to two toilet rebates per account.

The bill for the fixture(s) or plumber’s invoice must be attached to the application.The bill must show the make and model of the fixture. Since the District wants an assurance that the toilet has, in fact, been installed, the plumbing installation may be inspected. The receipt must not be more than six months old when submitted to the DWWD or will be ineligible for rebate.

Yes. Effective for toilets purchased and installed after June 1, 2012 two rebates for high efficiency toilets will be granted for each DWWD commercial customer account. The rebate will only be issued to the account name on the water bill.

There will be a Board of Water Commissioners Special Business Meeting on Thursday June 30, 2022 at 6:30 PM.  This meeting will be virtual only. Please see the agenda page, which is posted when available, for more information including exemptions for executive session and joining instructions.
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