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Minimum Charges

Metered Rates
Approved: June 7, 2022
Effective: July 1, 2022

The minimum charge is a fixed charge and applies in addition to and regardless of the amount of usage. This charge recovers some of the fixed costs of the district including, but not limited to, installing, maintaining, and replacing water meters; automatic meter reading equipment; administrative and billing costs associated with billing each meter monthly.

Minimum charges will be made to each customer for each meter, based on the meter size, as follows:  

Meter Size Minimum Monthly Charge
5/8" $8.87
3/4" $8.87
1" $14.69
1-1/2" $29.37
2" $46.99
3" $88.16
4" $146.70
6" $293.85
8" $469.60

Residential Rates

Tier Cost per Hundred Cubic Feet Consumption
Tier 1 $4.86 Up to and including 14 Hundred Cubic Feet
Tier 2 $7.89 15 up to and including 25 Hundred Cubic Feet
Tier 3 $10.22 Over 25 Hundred Cubic Feet

Commercial Rates

Tier Cost per Hundred Cubic Feet Consumption
Tier 1 $4.86 Up to and including 25 Hundred Cubic Feet
Tier 2 $7.89 Over 25 Hundred Cubic Feet

Private Fire Services

Approved: January 4, 2022
Effective: February 1, 2022

Private Fire Service Connection Size Monthly Charge

For Each Connection
1" $26.92
1 1/2" $27.68
2" $30.42
4" $59.34
6" $118.73
8" $235.59
10" $376.01
Individual Fire Hydrant $106.47

Low Income Rate

Only residential customers with 5/8” meters only may qualify for this rate if they meet the income eligibility requirements in effect with their natural gas or electric service provider for rate assistance.

Copies of those utility bills may be required periodically. The low-income rate is a $3.87 monthly service fee along with the regular charge of $4.86 per Hundred Cubic Feet. There is no minimal water included in this rate.

To apply for the low-income water rate, please contact the Water District

Mandatory Outdoor Watering Restrictions: Stage I-C to Go Into Effect on Monday, September 26, 2022. Outdoor watering allowed ONLY 2 DAYS PER WEEK. For more information, click "Learn More" or call customer service at 781-329-7090.
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