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Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions

Effective Wednesday, October 19, the Dedham-Westwood Water District Will Rescind All Water Restrictions. Thank you for your cooperation throughout this particularly challenging year! 


DWWD customers must comply with mandatory water restrictions due to the excessive heat and drought conditions which have caused the water supply to drop significantly.

Restrictions are implemented when the ratio between the Estimated Safe Yield and the Weekly Average of System Delivery equals 125% or less. 

Water restrictions are subject to change as required by the Board of Water Commissioners’ majority vote.


Frequently Asked Questions

First Violation

Warning (Verbal and/or written)

Second Violation

$100 fine

Third & Subsequent Violations

$250 AND a discontinuance of water service. A reactivation fee of $250 will be charged before water service is restored.

A drought is a prolonged period of little to no rainfall that results in a water shortage. Drought conditions reduce the streamflow and levels of natural watersheds, such as the Neponset and Charles Rivers, located near the District’s groundwater wells.

The District’s water supply comes from seventeen groundwater wells between Dedham and Westwood. Groundwater is water found in sand and gravel pore spaces below the earth’s surface.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has required the District to cease using its highest-yielding groundwater well when the streamflow of the Neponset River falling below 12.6 cubic feet per second.

No. The DWWD already purchases water from the MWRA to ensure an adequate supply to protect public health and safety during peak water use in the summer.  This purchase is limited to 73 million gallons annually.  If we could purchase additional water from the MWRA, it would not forgo water restrictions during the summer months.

Dedham and Westwood are located in the Southeast Region of the Commonwealth, Norfolk County. According to the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Southeast Region is experiencing level 0-normal conditions.

No, compliance is not mandatory. However, DWWD encourages users to reduce their water use to ensure their groundwater well can meet their demand.

No, there are no exemptions or waivers for the restrictions. If you have extenuating circumstances that impact health or safety, please contact the district by email or phone at 781-329-7090.

How can I stay informed about water restriction updates?
Updates to the status of water restrictions can be found:
Online at www.dwwd.org

Restriction Stages

Ratio Stage
125-110% I-A (Voluntary)
109% I-B
108% II-A
107% II-B
106% II-C
105% II-D
104% or less III